Practice Management Consulting

 Successful revenue cycle managers aim to be in the top 10 percent of all categories. They publish performance data weekly or monthly, regardless of the results, and they use these metrics as an integral part of a continuous improvement process.Monitoring and managing to key metrics helps achieve exemplary performance. Metrics and goals are communicated to everyone involved in the revenue cycle process, and as a result, there are no suprises at month end.

Multiple Solutions

We can use your software or ours, through our firewall protected VPN.  We can also review and help collect on your existing A/R even if you are using another RCM or if you are utilizing  "in- house" billing.

Revenue Cycle Management

 Revenue cycle leaders who consistently achieve outstanding results define their role broadly. They do not focus only on collecting or billing, but understand that accounts receivable management starts at the front end and continues until all the cash they are owed is collected. Revenue cycle management, then, is a set of interrelated processes. Equally important, is the need to build alliances and have effective working relationships with every manager who affects accounts receivable performance. That is where Maxx Medical, Inc becomes an invaluable partner.